The feedback was overwhelming. I have never seen my staff so excited.
Lev Loginov, Founder, London Wall Group

What do you want from a keynote speaker? First and foremost you need to create a buzz, a talking point.

And you do that by fielding a charismatic individual, a character who people not only want to hear, they also want to tell their colleagues, friends and family about afterwards. Mention ‘hostage negotiator’ to virtually anyone and their ears will prick up. Mention Richard Mullender and, in an increasing number of circles, his reputation will have preceded him.


Richard prefaces all his sessions with these words, ‘My task today is threefold; to challenge you, to entertain you and to teach you something you don’t know.’

Richard delivers on all three counts and more.

Whether you’re looking for a speaker who can deliver valuable business insights drawn from a phenomenal life, or an individual who’ll enliven and engage a diverse or challenging audience – Richard is your man.

Just one word of warning: hearing Richard can become addictive. He has a growing band of devotees who come to hear him again and again at every opportunity. Book him as your keynote and you could well be adding your people to that number.


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